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Saturday, September 29, 2012

23/09/12 - Family day

Since mom finished her surgery past few months, we didn't come out to have any kind of meal together with family members...

Finally we made it !

We went to Yu Yan Sang restaurant @ The Gardens to have our lovely brunch^^

After meal, we went to Jusco to buy father's shoe, shirts & pants...etc... because he really didn't shopping for a long long time~ lol

Then, we also bought some vegie, fruits for my lovely grandma ^^

 In the evening, me and Kellye sent our car to polished,clean and tar removing @ SS15 with using Groupon vouchers that I bought last 2 months... and next Thursday's going to expiry....

We sent our car 1 by 1. Kellye fetch me to have our lunch together with her friend, then send me to nearby Difino Hair Studio to cut and treatment for my scalp. Cut a bit short hair... but it still consider long... for me~~ lol

After few hours... I have done my hair-do ~ Phew~~ Spent RM220.... omg...

Then we waiting the time past until 8:20pm to collect our 2nd car ^^

Wow... seems so busy right?

Not yet!

We drove back home together, and go to Setia Walk Puchong by 1 car. We went Yamagoya Ramen to have our dinner there. I love their ramen and I just knew that Setia Walk got a branch there.

Previously I went to Publika with my friend. It's a bit far from Puchong to Publika. Prefer Setia Walk next time.

Went to Nick house after dinner. He was not feeling well when I reached there.
Food poisoning and become suffered. At last, his parents sent him to T hospital and he stayed overnight there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

20/09/12 - Hera's Farewell @ Italiannies Sunway Pyramid

Hera 김선미, 우리 선생님 farewell dinner~

My Korean Teacher will going back to Korea to give birth soon ^^
Our lesson will stop until she come back from Korea ~
Therefore, we arranged a farewell dinner @ Italiannies Sunway Pyramid.

Mushroom Soup!!!

Aglio Olio Spaghetti

All our classmates (Joyce Lee & Pearl can't make it to join us)

Our pretty teacher ^^


She was teaching me since I started my beginning Korean until Intermediate 1.... suddenly stopped and need to wait until next year February or March.....

I really scare that time I already forgot most of the Korean... Really hope to continue my Korean as soon as possible.

Hope to see her soon. If got chance, I hope to meet her in Korea next year after she giving birth.

Just hope that time I still can remain my Intermediate 1 standard ^^ lol~

You must take good care and hope to see you and your baby soon ^^

제가 너무 보고싶어요 ^^

Friday, September 21, 2012

19/09/12 - Nuffnang Premier Screen - Bait

Received invitation from Nuffnang Premier Screen - Bait contest ^^

I go with Kellye, Pui Yi & Jun. Jun wait me at KLCC coz he work nearby that area.

We reached there quite early so we have our dinner at Senya @ Isetan. Then buy something at cold storage.... I bought a BIG Nutella chocolate spread for Nick ^^ lol.... It's really big size ...

After that, we went to collect ticket and went to Kinokuniya to read some books.... until

Luckily this movie was not so scary.... I love this kind of movie, a bit scary is enough... lol

I just felt that the cinema is too cold for me... and I'm keep on freezing inside with my poor jacket. I think I'm really too weak~~

Here's the synopsis for Bait:

In a sleepy coastal resort community, shoppers at an underground supermarket are terrorized by a crazed bandit when a monstrous freak tsunami swallows the town. Now trapped inside a flooded supermarket with an armed maniac and rushing water threatening to entomb them all in a watery grave, the imprisoned survivors discover they're not alone. As the waters rise, they must overcome not only the threat of drowning but something just as deadly and far more bloodthirsty - hungry tiger sharks.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17/09/12 - Mooncake

Went to 1U shopping with Nick, we bought 1 box with 4pieces of Haagen Dazs mooncakes, Casahana Fiery Phoenix and Casahana Night Symphony's mooncake~~

Normally I just eat a very small slice or the egg yolk of the mooncake...or Nick bought me Jelly Mooncake...

I don't like to eat mooncake because I found that most of the mooncakes are too sweet for me.

We saw the leaflets was nice..... we thought that was perfect.... but a bit different from what we think ^^

It's not cheap.... 4 pieces total RM136 not including 6% gov. tax....

For me.... It's really EXPENSIVE......

Outlook are very nice & fine...... The taste really not much special.... inside just quite similar with their ice cream.... and with some fruit taste inside.... and also it melts very fast.....

I'm expecting that it might have something special inside their mooncakes that makes them worth RM136??

Then, we tried the Casahana Fiery Phoenix.....

I bought this because I saw this picture... It seems really tasty.... and also with the Spicy Floss......


This only RM 11.15 per piece....

Compare with the branded ice cream mooncake.... This is more economic... lol

Nick tried this mooncake just now.... He said that it's reasonable for this price and this taste...

Mooncake with Spicy Floss & Mochi....

A special type of mooncake ^^

This also RM11.15 per piece....

We haven't try the taste yet... but I hope this taste good and not so sweet ^^

Monday, September 17, 2012

15/09/12 - Meet Up with friends

Saturday night~

Meet up with Simmons, Hyu and Rex together with Nick @ De Pastry Chef.

Listen their jokes, chitchat.....

And I'm keep eating and listening ^^

Found that sometimes I totally Can't catch up their channel..... &$#%$^

Maybe I'm really long time didn't hang out with my friends~~

lol ^^

At this moment, I'm still suitable to be a listener~

Saturday, September 15, 2012


As usual, went to visit grandma every weekdays... After work, went to have dinner with my college friend - Ka Vui. We went to Publica@Solaris Dutamas.

We have our late dinner at Yamagoya Japanese Restaurant. The ramen was quite nice. After that, went to Plan B to have a dessert.

Hope to have more time to meet up with my friends next time. Thanks for coming out too^^

Thursday, September 13, 2012

12/09/12 - Souvenirs from Brother

Start to do gym this afternoon. I remember that my last gym was pas few months before... Lol.... Body is getting weaker recently~~

When I start my cycling exercise about 2~4 minutes...... I started tired and sweat.... And my heart rate up to 143.... I not sure whether my heart rate is too high for me. I will feel a bit dizzy and not feeling well at the moment.

Maybe.... I seldom exercise? Yeah, I think I should do more exercise^^

At night when I reach home, my bro back from Thailand and he brought me Taokaenoi snacks~~


Thanks a lot ya^^

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

11/09/12 - It's Time to Update...

After a year, my blog become dead.... Yeah... Totally dead....

Now is the time to make it alive^^

Changed the blog photos, songs and design. Everything got a new beginning from now on~

Therefore, I will try to update recent news and photos here.

Thanks Kelly for the help. You really helps me a lot!!! Love ya ^3^

Monday, September 10, 2012

人生的六个经典问题 - 文章转摘



回答:你一定会说,这是什么烂问题,谁那么笨,花钱买罪受?可同样的情况换个场合,自己或许就做类似的蠢事。不少男女都曾经抱怨过他们的情人或配偶品性不 端,三心二意,不负责任。明知在一起没什么好的结果,怨恨已经比爱还多,但却“不知道为什么”还是要和他搅和下去,分不了手。说穿了,只是为了不甘,为了 习惯,这不也和光临餐厅一样?———做人,为什么要过于执著?!


回答:这是个什么烂问题?当然不会,那叫因噎废食。然而,有不少人却曾说:现在的离婚率那么高,让我都不敢谈恋爱了。说得还挺理所当然。也有不少女人看到 有关的诸多报道,就对自己的另一半忧心忡忡,这不也是类似的反应?所谓乐观,就是得相信:虽然道路多艰险,我还是那个会平安过马路的人,只要我小心一点, 不必害怕过马路。———做人,先要相信自己。


回答:当然不会相信。但据观察,有人总是在听完成功人士绞尽脑汁的建议,比如说,多读书,多练习之后,问了另一个问题?那不是很难?我们都想在3分钟内学 好英文,在5分钟内解决所有难题,难道成功是那么容易的吗?改变当然是难的。成功只因不怕困难,所以才能出类拔萃。有一次坐在出租车上,听见司机看到自己 前后都是高档车,兀自感叹:“唉,为什么别人那么有钱,我的钱这么难赚?”我心血来潮,问他:“你认为世上有什么钱是好赚的?”他答不出来,过了半晌才 说:好像都是别人的钱比较好赚。其实任何一个成功者都是艰辛取得。我们实在不该抱怨命运。———做人,依靠自己!


回答:当然是不可能的。可是却有不少朋友,自己没有时间打理,却拼命投资去开咖啡馆,开餐厅,开自己根本不懂的公司,火烧屁股一样急着把辛苦积攒的积蓄花 掉,去当一个稀里糊涂的投资人。亏的总是比赚的多,却觉得自己是因为运气不好,而不是想法出了问题。———做人,记得反省自己。


回答:恐怕没有人会说:“对,我就是这样的孬种”吧。然而,我们却常常在不该打退堂鼓时拼命打退堂鼓,为了恐惧失败而不敢尝试成功。以关颖珊赢得2000 年世界花样滑冰冠军时的精彩表现为例:她一心想赢得第一名,然而在最后一场比赛前,她的总积分只排名第三位,在最后的自选曲项目上,她选择了突破,而不是 少出错。在4分钟的长曲中,结合了最高难度的三周跳,并且还大胆地连跳了两次。她也可能会败得很难看,但是她毕竟成功了。她说:“因为我不想等到失败,才 后悔自己还有潜力没发挥。”一个中国伟人曾说:胜利的希望和有利情况的恢复,往往产生于再坚持一下的努力之中。———做人,何妨放手一搏。


回答:不,傻瓜才会这样认为。然而我们却常说,等我老了,要去环游世界;等我退休,就要去做想做的事情;等孩子长大了,我就可以……我们都以为自己有无限 的时间与精力。其实我们可以一步一步实现理想,不必在等待中徒耗生命。如果现在就能一步一步努力接近,我们就不会活了半生,却出现自己最不想看到的结局。 ———做人,要活在当下。