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Friday, May 20, 2011

12/05/11 - Daorae Kepong & Fast & Furious 5

Dinner with hubby @ Daorae Kepong

Miss there so much after come back from Korea~

Really love Korean BBQ food~

Yeah~ Get started!!

Quite expensive for the bill.... but... still love it lots~
hehe ^^

After movie, we went back home and rest for a while then went to 1U watch Fast & Furious 5.

A very nice and exciting movie!! The storyline is perfect and not boring compare with the previous Fast & Furious 4.

It's totally perfect!!!

Will buy the Blu-ray disc soon~

08/05/11 - Hi Tea @ Hilton

Got special voucher for Hi Tea @ Hilton PJ

Going there with Nick^^

and it's Mother's day today...kinda peak and full house in this restaurant~

Reached there early and get a nice seat~

Waiting for buffet start... stomach growling...hungry now~

Looks very nice

Colourful but too sweet.... Can't tahan~

Eat a lot of salads~~~~ yum yum~

Full of food in my mouth^^

Grab a lot of food to eat. Their chicken rice really delicious.... salads are fresh too!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

07/05/11 - Nando's

Meet up with Nick & His friends @ Nando's Tropicana City

Having Dinner together ~

Ordered my Favourite Earl Grey Tea

Share dishes with Nick~

05/05/11 - KFC @ Cheras

Reached hubby home and wait for him bring me to eat Claypot Chicken Rice @ Cheras area....

Play with Cutie Angel ^^

But the restaurant closed when we reached there.

Ended up we have our dinner at KFC Taman Connought there....


I love Toasted Pocketfull!!!!


04/05/11 - Gathering @ Sushi Zamai Pyramid

Meet up with Hooi San & Eric tonight

Reached there late and having dinner @ Sushi Zanmai

Talk about each other and found that we're really long time didn't meet up together.

And we also seldom contact with other coursemate in out station and also in overseas.

Really hope that we can meet soon.... Hope all of them lives happy, healthy and lucky always ^^

Dunno whether we can have a short trip to travel together or not?

If can, it's really good~

We keep planning for our future trip.... shortest trip - Singapore..... or next year to Penang attend our college friend's wedding~

After dinner, Eric suggest bring Hooi San to Snowflakes coz she didn't went there before, we should bring her to have a try for the nice dessert~

Although the time is quite late, but still a lot of people there... It's PEAK!!

Enjoyed ^^

03/05/11 - DPC

Went to have lunch with Nick @ DPC...

Miss their food again ^^

Hope to buy some tarts back....

Our Fruit juice~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

01/05/11 - Home Dec 2011

Went to Home Dec with parents today.

Go to have a look and updated myself... lol^^

Find something new and nice for my dream house in future~

I love the shower head... Raining style~ I want!!!

A lot of people~~~

And wallpaper are nice too~

Nothing much different compare with previous fair.... but this time seems lesser people....~

Quite tiring after walking.... went to Madam Kwan @ KLCC to have Hi-tea... (My Lunch)

Ordered my favourite mushroom soup

Nasi Lemak for parents~

Rushing back home to fetch Kellye to Sg.Wang GreenBox and meet up with Alvis & Ivan

~ End of the day ~