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Saturday, April 30, 2011

24/04/11 - A Chinese Ghost Story @ 1U

Watch this movie with Nick, June's couple & Sakura @ 1U

Quite nice movie ~

For me, it still consider a bit scary.... but just a bit~


Copy from

年輕的燕赤霞﹝古天樂 飾﹞矢志要成為一個優秀的獵妖師,他選擇黑山作為他修行和圓夢之旅的起點。黑山裡有很多古老的精靈妖怪,它們過著原始的生活,粗糙簡單卻充滿殺戮氣息。燕 赤霞經歷了一場又一場的兇險惡鬥,令他的劍變得更可怕,他的力量也更強大,甚至自信可以戰勝一切;直至那一天,他遇上了聶小倩﹝劉亦菲 飾﹞…很多年以後,黑山下所有河流突然發生乾涸,人們猝然面對乾旱的生存危機。為生計,大家決定組成開山隊到黑山上游開墾水源 ── 文明的人類便跟古老的精靈妖怪展開碰撞;而一段浪漫的傳奇亦就此誕生…


《倩 女幽魂2011》中劉亦菲著白色長裙,化身為雪女,站立在暴風雪中,簡直就是個「幽魂」。劇中一幕聶小倩側身站立,驀然回首,加上眼睛經過特別效果處理, 妖氣重重,但也神秘浪漫、詭異絢麗,給亦人亦妖的錯亂感。另有一幕,聶小倩躺臥在地,淚水汪汪,因為自己的身分無法與凡人相愛,傷心至極,這時她像妖怪般 全身長滿了毛,挑戰造型師的技術。

片中陰森的樹林,妖怪在樹影搖影動間穿梭來去,使用特效的場景格外逼真,暗黑陰沉的氣氛,讓姥姥歇斯底 里抓狂的叫聲更加淒厲,讓人毛骨悚然。在年久失修的破落古廟,燕赤霞與寧采臣遇見了夜晚才能出沒的女妖聶小倩,她白衣飄飄的身影,在古廟中漂浮,以女色魅 惑凡人,配上淒美的配樂,讓觀眾以為自己來到女妖潛伏的陰森森荒郊野外,捏一把冷汗。



導 演葉偉信說:《倩女幽魂 2011》是以一個全新的故事導引新的構思,最大的特點在視覺效果。《倩女幽魂》總投入資金高達2000萬美元,,並由南韓好萊塢水準CG公司2L特技公 司擔綱特技製作,還邀請了六位《哈利•波特》主創加盟。最棒的導演及其製作團隊,加上最棒的演員陣容,《倩女幽魂 2011》勢必成為2011年最期待的電影盛事。

23/04/11 - Melaka with Nick

Take half day leave to have a short break

Go Melaka with Nick....just go for the Chicken Rice & Jonker Walk...

Then back on the same day~

Reach there quite late... walk until Famosa Chicken Rice Restaurant already 8:30pm

Damn hungry already..... Ordered a lot of dishes~

Then walk around Jonker Walk

Maybe it's weekend... There's a lot people and tourists...

Very hot and peak there...

Then back home & sleep......

Next time will spend more time there and hope can stay overnight there. Hehe~

21/04/11 - Body check Report @ SunMed

Nothing special for today.

Just went to SunMed and go to visit a doctor to continue part of the body checkup....

Everything is alright & normal.

No worries at all...



Will get the hard copy of the report soon....

12/04/11 - Body Check @ SunMed


I managed to squeeze 1 day time to make appointment for my 1st body checkup @ SunMed.

Reached there at 8.30am and hope to become the 1st person.... but I'm not.... There's few people early than me... sweat..

Take a package @ RM799 for a detailed checkup.

Need to fasting from last night 10pm until finished the checkup....

Got a complimentary Starbucks food & drinks voucher after the health screening.

1st meal from last night until after the screening....
My favorite Tuna Sandwich + English Breakfast Tea
Eerm.... If he let me choose, I prefer Chamomile or Earl Grey Tea..

Back home and have a long nap until evening.... too tired for waiting my queue at SunMed this morning....

Woke up in the evening and went to IKEA with Kellye...

Had my lunch @ Ikea

Bought a comfortable leather chair for my mom~

11/04/11 - 1U Shopping with Nick

Passby Toy R' Us....

Feel free and go in to have a look....

Searching for every toys that we played when we were kids....

Here's naughty Nick & Joyce...

Act like a child *rf rf*

Then we went to CD Shop... Nick found this and keep on take photo on it... but I dunno what was that...~

Excuse me, may I know who r u?

After shopped around, back home, act cute and take photo again... lol~~

07/04/11 - 梦想的厨房 Dream Kitchen

Surfing the web during working hour....

Saw some nice kitchen design~

Hope that it can be part of my kitchen in future^^

I really love this design~
But I think my future house dun have this big space for me.

Although it just a dream for me yet, but I hope I can work hard to bring my dreams comes true.

03/04/11 - Present from Nick

Got many gifts from hubby....

He bought many thing for me from Melaka with his friends^^

All are the cutie stuffs....


Chopsticks which printed my surname~

So nice right?

Nick bought me a white polaroid camera @ Midvalley... Get great discount from my secondary friend - Renda Hua.

Cute cute camera + our picture

Gonna bring this camera out and capture every nice moment <3

Thanks dear !

02/04/11 - Greenbox with Kellye, Alvis, Ivan

Saturday evening @ Greenbox Sg.Wang with Kellye, Ivan & Alvis

30/03/11 - Beastly @ TGV Sunway Pyramid

Watched with Nick~

Enjoying this movie. Really nice ~

Love this~~

27/03/11 - Genting with Friends~~

Sunday morning~

Went to fetch Ivan, Kingsley and Alvis with Kellye....

Have our breakfast nearby Alvis house.

Then we went to Genting for a short trip!!

There's long time we didn't go Genting together. I think almost 1 year plus or 2 years we didn't went there.

So this time we spend our lovely Sunday there!

First to do..... Went to Starbucks to have a cold drink~ Coz not feeling cold yet... lol

We sat there around 1 hour.... chatting with each others.... Really love this kind of gathering~

After that, we went to walk around, then the guys went to Casino to try their luck. On the meanwhile, I went to play games with Kellye.

Guys come and meet up with us, playing and win some jackpot games for us to hit our target - A CUTIE BUNNY.....

Finally we got enough points to redeem it!!

Really good luck ~ lol

we went to have lunch together at McD

It's time to take pics!

Kellye, Bunny & me

Alvis, Bunny & Ivan

Ivan & Kingsley

4 of us + cute bunny
Very cute

Love all the pics for today~

Lovely & Cutie & Memorable

I love u all my dear friends <3

May all of us keep in touch and everyone stay happy, healthy & lucky!!

Thanks for today, my dear friends~