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Monday, August 15, 2011

05/07/11 - Transformers @ Gold Class 1U

Watch Gold class Transformer with Nick, Kelvin & Wei Xiong~

1st time ever....

really big space for gold class.... and... expensive.... hehe

lucky this movie is nice... if not... really not worth~

Sunday, August 14, 2011

03/07/11 - Shopping!!

Went One U shopping with dear again~~

Change our One Card to Transformer card....

Then bought Fragrance for his own use...

After that, went to eat Bak Kut Teh ~

Seems like he bought a lot right? lol

Saturday, August 13, 2011

02/07/11 - Restaurant Hokkien People

Went to have lunch with Gary n Kellye

It's so hungry .... ordered few dishes + rice

Their delicious 炒猪肉碎

Friday, August 12, 2011

01/07/11 - Restaurant Teow Chew Porridge

Feel hungry and nothing to do....

Nick bring me to KL eat Teow Chew Porridge...

My 1st time there.... in the midnight~

Not bad...

My tired looks

Thursday, August 11, 2011

21/06/11 ~ 26/06/11 - Sharp Taipei Trip

Yeah~ Taiwan Trip again ^^

Really love Taiwan~

Love their food, transportation (buses, MRT are so punctual, everyone was follow on queue, taxi ), friendly & safety country.


Day 1 : Taiper Tao Yuan Airport ~ Tai Chung

I really love airplane meal..... ~ yummy~

Reach Taipei airport, transfer bus to Tai Chung.

Take a short rest at their R&R....

Buy some food to eat ^^

Saw their ice cream quite nice.... order 1 and share with 4 ppls~

In the bus..... nothing to do, just keep on sleep and take photo ~

Our 1st dinner at Tai Chung....

Huh.... JOGOYA....

Maybe KL also got... already nothing special for me... the food there almost same with KL...

After meal, get in bus again and went to Feng Jia Night Market. It's the famous night market in Tai Chung.

Reach there... but it started to rain.... we just walk a while and buy Smelly Tofu to eat~

Not smelly, it's TASTY!!!

Then back to our hotel and rest~

Tired day~

1 person sleep with king size bed.... yahoo~~

Day 2 : Tai Chung ~ Taipei

Having breakfast

Visit Tea Farm.... (I already forgot this is day 2 or day 3 or other day.... already mixed up all the photos)



Having Lunch

Check in at Sakura Dan Shui Spa

Each of us get 1 person 1 room....

Inside got spa in every room....

My room.... very dark... and the light got some problem keep on blinking...
Scary and hard to sleep

Inside the bathroom.....


very scary ar~~~~

Agnes call me and asked me whether wanna go her room and sleep together... of course I want~

Thanks to her too ^^

If not... I also dunno how to sleep that night.... =="

Day 3 : Taipei

Check out lur....

Each of us get 1 粽子, quite nice for me... just a mini size. very cute

Going to Ye Liu.... a place to see the rocks...... erm... for me... is not interested... but the sea there really nice... nice view and STRONG wind + hot !!

Everyone is waiting for queue for this Queen's head.....

I just stand behind and zoom my camera.... that's enough for me ^^

I prefer to watch this view~~

so peace and nice.... yeah~


ice cream....

After this, we went to 伍角船板 to have our lunch....

Went here 3rd times.... still love here so much ^^

I love their muachi

After lunch, heading to Jiu Fen 九份 & 黄金瀑布

Back from Jiu Fen & goint to dinner

Check in hotel & sleep~~

Day 4 : Taipei

Lunch - Shabu shabu!!!!

I hope I can come here again....

Really love their shabu shabu... really nice place, tasty and a lot of foods!!!!

but I just dunno how much it costs.


Satisfied Meal!!! Yeah~~

Then, heading to Taipei 101....

We reached 89th Floor in 35 seconds.

My ears pain that time... it's too fast...

The view from 89th floor....

Shopping for a while & bought Crabtree & Evelyn Conditioner for myself...


Clubbing @ Luxy

Day 5 : Taipei ~ Gao Xiong

Go Gao Xiong with 高铁



I love this vegie... but seems KL dun have this kind of vegie ler... very nice

Shopping at somewhere I dunno....

Met Singers & Actors there....
品冠, 黄嘉芊...

Relaxing nearby seaside....

Went to other place to shop for more clothes~

Compare with Taipei, here will be more cheap !!


Our Motel..... 2 person in a room

Machine selling sex toys....

Our car pool....

Free condoms

Day 6 : Taichung ~ KK ~ KL

Going back M'sia lur.....

Hope can come here again~~

Bought a sliding bag for him @ Gao Xiong Airport ^^

Yeah.... I have 2 airplane meal @ Gao Xiong & KK
but... Gao Xiong foods nicer....


Home sweet home!!!!

Nice trip with nice room mate and group mate together!!!

Hope to see u all soon~

Take care ya ~