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Monday, December 27, 2010


Supposed to update my blog right now after my trip and works.....

But I just keep on upload and upload my photos.... FAILED in the end because of the slow internet line....

Fed up... Why here don't have a faster line in my housing area? why why why?

I wanna upload my photo , I wanna update my blog.....

Aigh.... Sienz....

Monday, December 20, 2010

12/12/10 - DLE Fair + MV

Went to DLE Fair @ KL Convention Center with hubby.....

Going to buy a laptop for his daddy

and searching some wireless keyboard n mouse for Gary

Reach there a bit late.... and have our brunch at the foodcourt....


Wait and search for the empty table for 2 person... and sit there for reserved the seats....

then wait hubby to order our food.....

Long queue + hungry + People Mountain People Sea + Noisy = HEADACHE!!!!!

Go to the convention center after the meal....

walk 2 rounds and buy our stuffs......

Find Kellye n Ating @ Papago booth....

Then went to our next place.... Mid Valley

just go there to buy Wall Sticker and have dinner @ Sushi King...

Back home~

Tired and exhaused :'(

11/12/10 - Xin Yee's Daughter B'day Party

Received sms from Xin Yee few weeks ago that she will celebrate her daughter Tze Ying 1 Year Old birthday Party at her house :)

I attended the dinner with Yiing Yin & Simmons....
and meet Kyan, Nicholas, Bin & some other friends there.

I think.... this party can consider a mini gathering for us too :)

Coz we seldom meet up with each other after graduate~

It's really nice to see them all

Hope that we can have a gathering during CNY again~

Simmons & Kyan

Joyce, Yiing Yun & Simmons

Tze Ying b'day cake - Barney!!!!

Tze Ying cutie face

Happy birthday to Tze Ying~
Wish you grow up healthy and happy ya~
~All the best for you~

Cutie girl + Pretty n young mom

Sunday, December 19, 2010

02/12/10 - 05/12/10 - Busy doing Sales !!!

Quite busy these few months... busy doing sales and account....

Argh.... really wanna have a good rest after this

Rush the works everyday....

Recently busy doing canopy sales from 2/12/10 ~ 5/12/10

busy busy busy

no time to blog at all

Kelly n Joyce

29/11/10 - Haha Pan Mee + Rapunzel

Went to eat Haha Xiao Pan Mee @ Kenari, Puchong with Kellye n mami~

Ordered Spinach Pan Mee~ I like it so much~

After dinner.... purchase Rapunzel from GSC website and watch with hubby~

Long time didn't watch movie in the midnight.... feel so tiring~

But, this cartoon very nice ~

Love this so cute~

Hubby love the background lantern~

I love Rapunzel's hair~
So long and nice

After the movie... It's around 2:30am when I reached home.... Zzzzzz~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

28/11/10 - Mid Valley Shopping


Went to shopping at Mid Valley with hubby today~

Shopping shopping shopping~

Try a new snacks - Ireland's Potato~

Wasabi Flavour...nice... but a bit weird ...

It really looks nice

After that, we went to shop around.... and bought wall sticker for hubby's room

Went back home and try to stick it on our own~


Empty blank wall

Step by step

Almost done....


We did it!!! Finally we use mostly 2 hours to do it... include cut the big slice of paper to small size, arrange them, measure the place.... etc....

Great job :)

23/11/10 - Sharp 3D Quattron LED TV Launching @ Palace of the Golden Horses

Get invited from Sharp.....

Gonna attend their 3D Quattron LED TV launching @ Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel

Went there with Gary.

We almost late there :)

In the hall

Getting started

Features of the Sharp 3D Quattron LED TV
Very nice~

Conclusion: Their 3D not bad, and they also will come out with 3D blu-ray disc player which can put it vertical or horizontal. Then, we also can Wall-mount it!

It's really great!!

I hope that I can buy one for myself in the future :)

17/11/10 - Dinner @ Nelson Tan

Nothing much special for today~

Just spend some time to have dinner with hubby @ Nelson Tan, Kepong~

Hubby's food

My Mushroom Soup~ Not bad!!

End of the day.....

13/11/10 - Nicole's Bro Wedding dinner

Finished my work early today and back home~

Jocelyn and her bf come and fetch me to Nicole's bro wedding dinner @ Marriott Putrajaya.

Nicole & Me

Nicole, Joyce & Jocelyn~

~Zhi Yuan & Spohia~

Jocelyn, Sophia, Zhi Yuan & Joyce

Acting funny pose!!

With Nicole & Zhi Yuan's Parents ~