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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

28/11/10 - Mid Valley Shopping


Went to shopping at Mid Valley with hubby today~

Shopping shopping shopping~

Try a new snacks - Ireland's Potato~

Wasabi Flavour...nice... but a bit weird ...

It really looks nice

After that, we went to shop around.... and bought wall sticker for hubby's room

Went back home and try to stick it on our own~


Empty blank wall

Step by step

Almost done....


We did it!!! Finally we use mostly 2 hours to do it... include cut the big slice of paper to small size, arrange them, measure the place.... etc....

Great job :)


ping said...

so nice the wall sticker !! :)
where you bought le?

Leafleaf said...

Ping, at Mid Valley... I think is 1st or 2nd floor there... in front of ACE HARDWARE shop or what hardware shop geh... is a small stall. Price still consider cheap if compare with One Utama Wall Sticker shop.