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Thursday, January 31, 2008

31/1/08 - Present

I went to MV after my IR class today. B4 that I was planned to go 1U and buy present de..Coz there got free gifts if I spent RM100 with using 1-card. But when I’m on the way to 1U, I have received grandma, mom and sister phone call. I wanna fetch my sis at 6pm and buy some food for grandma. That time was already 2:30pm and I think that I do not have enuf time to shop in 1U. Then, I straightly go MV - traffic quite jam and I reach there abt 3:30pm .
In MV, I go to search for Makiyo and my sis’s presents but I still can’t find something suitable for them. At that time, I passby MNG & ZARA..MNG was nothing new but I’ve founded some cotton jackets are suitable for me in ZARA. Hehe… I went to try and wanna buy it edi but then I put back the jacket. It is b’coz I realize that I have spent a lot to buy clothes in this month ler… Really nice… I consider abt it 1st. If really wanna buy, then I will go to buy at 1U on Saturday with lun and ask him to make decision for me. He told me that he will pay 50% of the jacket… Happy ^^ Thanks 1st my dear. Muacks~
After shopped in Zara, I just went to The Gardens La Senza to have a look. I went to try and found that the quality is really nice and comfortable. So I bought *something* as my sis’ s present. Then I decided to go to Robinson Shu Uemura to buy eye shadow for Makiyo. It was dark brown colour..I hope that she will like it^^
Huh… Spent a lot today~ RM200++ fly away jor…spent easily… but earn hard :’( But no choice, those presents are for my best friend and my sis… It’s ok lar ^^Spend little next time~
Wanna save more money to buy something for my dear lun in Valentine again.. Haha Let me think what to buy for him 1st..Hehe

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Busy Day

What a busy day… Busy to do my favourite chickenfloss roll and fiy crabmeat to prepare for the CNY !! Huh.. so tired but finally I make 650 chickenfloss roll ler… so happy ^^CNY can eat a lot edi.. but, I think… b4 CNY me and my family members will eat a lot of those snacks.

nice ler… wakaka~
Oh ya, my mom give me Jay’s latest KUNG FU DUNK GALA PREMIER INVITATION CARD that she got it today and it’s sponsor by ALPHA Water heater. Somemore there also have buffet dinner at 1Utama. Hehe@_@ So happy ler.. Thanks ALPHA~
Before this, me and lun already dicided that we will go to watch premier class at GSC Signature on 7th Feb. Now no need already..Yeah! I only need to save money to watch the CJ7 lur..

I will go to watch this movie with lun. Haha…He love Jay so much!! Of course much watch with him lar ^^
Huh.. now I’m thinking what present to buy for Makiyo coz her birthday on saturday. I’ve planned to find her and celebrate with her on Saturday but suddenly my mom give me that invitation card of Jay’s movie. Therefore, I must celebrate with her on Friday. She’s my best friend since secondary and we have no see for long time. Wat present ler? Really need to buy a present that useful to her..