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Saturday, November 3, 2012

03/11/12 - Genji Japanese Buffet @ PJ Hilton

Yeah.... Celebrate Evonne & my birthday at Genji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ PJ Hilton.


Love the sashimi there.... It's really freshie.... yum yum~
I ate a lot ^^

Can u see how nice ? wah......

Our drinks not bad too : Genji Special

Own made Ice Kacang

Evonne & her Long Island Mocktail

Me & the boss

Our birthday gifts from Hilton PJ...Guess what inside?

There are some of the travel cleanser,body wash & shampoo.
Thanks Genji & PJ Hilton

The Ladies

After meal, we went back home to have our second round....

Yeah.... Champagne Time!!!!

We tried the champagne which bought from mom in New Zealand...

Celebrate Evonne 18th Birthday ^^

And.... Angel looking forward to drink the champagne too...


Horse face Angel... muahaha

02/11/12 - Birthday Buddy

 We have a lot of Scorpion in November. Nov 2: My daddy, my uncle... which born in the same day but different year, Nov 3: Nick's sis - Evonne Wong, Nov 7: My friend - May Wong, Nov 5: My friend - Wilson Tan & myself.... lol....

Suppose celebrate daddy birthday today, but Gary went overseas..... so I decided postpone the meal and wait till all of us free and celebrate together^^

Hope all of the birthday guys & gals have a nice birthday celebration and dreams comes true ya ~

Happy birthday !!   \(^o^)/    !!

23/10/12 - Hainan's Relatives Comes~~

Yeah... our close relatives from China - Hainan come to Malaysia. They come and visit grandma. We brought them to Esquire Kitchen, uncle's house and walk around. Didn't go much place and we also not much time to gather coz they also come with a lot of relatives in Hainan which stay together in Nilai there.

Feel so happy to meet them since last time I went to visit them in Hainan. Really miss them a lot. Hope that we can go to Hainan visit them again.

Oh ya... I got a red packet from them.

They also bought their specialty chilli for us, and some abalone... wow.... Nice ^^

I don't have the original picture of the yellow lantern chili from them, but it almost the same. The difference between they bought for us is: they bought the chili come in small packing. Which mean we can tear how many pack as we needed. That will be no waste on it.

This is the very special chili which only can found in Hainan. We love it so so much~