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Sunday, March 31, 2013

10/12/12 - Beware of FAKER/FRAUD

My company received purchase order that the company want to order 300 units of ceiling fan. So we asked the company to bank in the money to our company account and fax the bank in slip to us to prove payment.

Before this case, we also advised other customer to fax or email the bank in slip to us after bank in.

Below are the purchase order and their FAKE BANK IN SLIP...

But this time, we also received the fax that they already bank in to our company account. The account number was correct.

Because it's still during working hour, my boss tried to call the bank to re-confirm that the payment already received but ended up the banker told boss that there is no such transaction.....

It's impossible the transaction was pending coz the company bank in cash to the account. We double check the account number.... and we think that this might be a FRAUD.

I tried to search online but I can't found this company name; I called SSM to check the company registration number but the operator told me that no such registration number... even though the they also don't have this company name under registration....

Then, I found out that their company telephone and fax number are Bank Rakyat's fax number.... Therefore, we can't contact them thru their fixed line.

Their company address was just next few doors of the Bank Rakyat's USJ branch... How come so weird...

Luckily my boss did a call to bank to check the transaction. Lucky we didn't send the items to the cheaters!!!

From now on, we knew that the bank in slip also can make a fake duplicate. Therefore, we will asked our customers who bank in to us to show original bank in slip to prove payment...

Dear all, Please aware too ^^



It's about Angel again ^^

Can't stop taking her pics....

She love to lie down near the chair.... It;s so dangerous coz her hand is just next to the chair roller.

Can see the pic? When we sit on thee chair, she also will lying down there. If we didn't noticed, her hand will injured... or maybe broken  :X

10/11/12 - Cute Angel

Watch tv at hubby house... saw Angel lying down under the table .... she is..... damn cute!!

Arrgh..... so lazy and enjoying ^^

Thursday, March 21, 2013

07/11/12 - Gift from Gary

Gary back from Bangkok trip. He bought me and Kellye 2 cutie hats....

Kinda trendy and cutie ^^

Thanks for the gifts ya~ So cute ^^

06/11/12 - Surprised from Mom ^^

Went to grandma house to visit grandma and mom..... Mom took out the abalone for me...

She said it's for my birthday ^^ Oh yeah~

So lovely~ So sweet~ So touchie~

I really love abalone so so much.... It's really big and chewable... Oh my god~~

Thanks mom! I love you ^^ muacks....