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Sunday, March 31, 2013

10/12/12 - Beware of FAKER/FRAUD

My company received purchase order that the company want to order 300 units of ceiling fan. So we asked the company to bank in the money to our company account and fax the bank in slip to us to prove payment.

Before this case, we also advised other customer to fax or email the bank in slip to us after bank in.

Below are the purchase order and their FAKE BANK IN SLIP...

But this time, we also received the fax that they already bank in to our company account. The account number was correct.

Because it's still during working hour, my boss tried to call the bank to re-confirm that the payment already received but ended up the banker told boss that there is no such transaction.....

It's impossible the transaction was pending coz the company bank in cash to the account. We double check the account number.... and we think that this might be a FRAUD.

I tried to search online but I can't found this company name; I called SSM to check the company registration number but the operator told me that no such registration number... even though the they also don't have this company name under registration....

Then, I found out that their company telephone and fax number are Bank Rakyat's fax number.... Therefore, we can't contact them thru their fixed line.

Their company address was just next few doors of the Bank Rakyat's USJ branch... How come so weird...

Luckily my boss did a call to bank to check the transaction. Lucky we didn't send the items to the cheaters!!!

From now on, we knew that the bank in slip also can make a fake duplicate. Therefore, we will asked our customers who bank in to us to show original bank in slip to prove payment...

Dear all, Please aware too ^^



It's about Angel again ^^

Can't stop taking her pics....

She love to lie down near the chair.... It;s so dangerous coz her hand is just next to the chair roller.

Can see the pic? When we sit on thee chair, she also will lying down there. If we didn't noticed, her hand will injured... or maybe broken  :X

10/11/12 - Cute Angel

Watch tv at hubby house... saw Angel lying down under the table .... she is..... damn cute!!

Arrgh..... so lazy and enjoying ^^

Thursday, March 21, 2013

07/11/12 - Gift from Gary

Gary back from Bangkok trip. He bought me and Kellye 2 cutie hats....

Kinda trendy and cutie ^^

Thanks for the gifts ya~ So cute ^^

06/11/12 - Surprised from Mom ^^

Went to grandma house to visit grandma and mom..... Mom took out the abalone for me...

She said it's for my birthday ^^ Oh yeah~

So lovely~ So sweet~ So touchie~

I really love abalone so so much.... It's really big and chewable... Oh my god~~

Thanks mom! I love you ^^ muacks....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

03/11/12 - Genji Japanese Buffet @ PJ Hilton

Yeah.... Celebrate Evonne & my birthday at Genji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ PJ Hilton.


Love the sashimi there.... It's really freshie.... yum yum~
I ate a lot ^^

Can u see how nice ? wah......

Our drinks not bad too : Genji Special

Own made Ice Kacang

Evonne & her Long Island Mocktail

Me & the boss

Our birthday gifts from Hilton PJ...Guess what inside?

There are some of the travel cleanser,body wash & shampoo.
Thanks Genji & PJ Hilton

The Ladies

After meal, we went back home to have our second round....

Yeah.... Champagne Time!!!!

We tried the champagne which bought from mom in New Zealand...

Celebrate Evonne 18th Birthday ^^

And.... Angel looking forward to drink the champagne too...


Horse face Angel... muahaha

02/11/12 - Birthday Buddy

 We have a lot of Scorpion in November. Nov 2: My daddy, my uncle... which born in the same day but different year, Nov 3: Nick's sis - Evonne Wong, Nov 7: My friend - May Wong, Nov 5: My friend - Wilson Tan & myself.... lol....

Suppose celebrate daddy birthday today, but Gary went overseas..... so I decided postpone the meal and wait till all of us free and celebrate together^^

Hope all of the birthday guys & gals have a nice birthday celebration and dreams comes true ya ~

Happy birthday !!   \(^o^)/    !!

23/10/12 - Hainan's Relatives Comes~~

Yeah... our close relatives from China - Hainan come to Malaysia. They come and visit grandma. We brought them to Esquire Kitchen, uncle's house and walk around. Didn't go much place and we also not much time to gather coz they also come with a lot of relatives in Hainan which stay together in Nilai there.

Feel so happy to meet them since last time I went to visit them in Hainan. Really miss them a lot. Hope that we can go to Hainan visit them again.

Oh ya... I got a red packet from them.

They also bought their specialty chilli for us, and some abalone... wow.... Nice ^^

I don't have the original picture of the yellow lantern chili from them, but it almost the same. The difference between they bought for us is: they bought the chili come in small packing. Which mean we can tear how many pack as we needed. That will be no waste on it.

This is the very special chili which only can found in Hainan. We love it so so much~

Thursday, October 25, 2012

08/10/12 – Happy Birthday Gary!!

My dear brother birthday~

Pity him coz he can’t celebrate on that day and must work till late night.

Anyhow, his friends already celebrate with him earlier and he got a big big surprise!! I think he won’t forget this year’s birthday ^^

His gang of friends are really so playful and creative. So envy him that he got such gang of good friend in so good relationship ~

All the best to Gary, stay healthy and happy always ^^


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

04/10/12 - Busy life till end of October T.T

Yeah…. I'm going to start my busy life as usual...

My bosses went to trip already.

I’m going to work till end of October from Monday to Saturday, From 10:30am till 9:30pm….

Argh…… What a pity & boring life??
 Really don’t know how to work so long hour everyday…

Only left Sunday to date with my dear…  sob sob T.T

So stress… just hope that time past very fast and I will have my trip soon!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

23/09/12 - Family day

Since mom finished her surgery past few months, we didn't come out to have any kind of meal together with family members...

Finally we made it !

We went to Yu Yan Sang restaurant @ The Gardens to have our lovely brunch^^

After meal, we went to Jusco to buy father's shoe, shirts & pants...etc... because he really didn't shopping for a long long time~ lol

Then, we also bought some vegie, fruits for my lovely grandma ^^

 In the evening, me and Kellye sent our car to polished,clean and tar removing @ SS15 with using Groupon vouchers that I bought last 2 months... and next Thursday's going to expiry....

We sent our car 1 by 1. Kellye fetch me to have our lunch together with her friend, then send me to nearby Difino Hair Studio to cut and treatment for my scalp. Cut a bit short hair... but it still consider long... for me~~ lol

After few hours... I have done my hair-do ~ Phew~~ Spent RM220.... omg...

Then we waiting the time past until 8:20pm to collect our 2nd car ^^

Wow... seems so busy right?

Not yet!

We drove back home together, and go to Setia Walk Puchong by 1 car. We went Yamagoya Ramen to have our dinner there. I love their ramen and I just knew that Setia Walk got a branch there.

Previously I went to Publika with my friend. It's a bit far from Puchong to Publika. Prefer Setia Walk next time.

Went to Nick house after dinner. He was not feeling well when I reached there.
Food poisoning and become suffered. At last, his parents sent him to T hospital and he stayed overnight there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

20/09/12 - Hera's Farewell @ Italiannies Sunway Pyramid

Hera 김선미, 우리 선생님 farewell dinner~

My Korean Teacher will going back to Korea to give birth soon ^^
Our lesson will stop until she come back from Korea ~
Therefore, we arranged a farewell dinner @ Italiannies Sunway Pyramid.

Mushroom Soup!!!

Aglio Olio Spaghetti

All our classmates (Joyce Lee & Pearl can't make it to join us)

Our pretty teacher ^^


She was teaching me since I started my beginning Korean until Intermediate 1.... suddenly stopped and need to wait until next year February or March.....

I really scare that time I already forgot most of the Korean... Really hope to continue my Korean as soon as possible.

Hope to see her soon. If got chance, I hope to meet her in Korea next year after she giving birth.

Just hope that time I still can remain my Intermediate 1 standard ^^ lol~

You must take good care and hope to see you and your baby soon ^^

제가 너무 보고싶어요 ^^