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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Uncomfortable day @ La Senza The Gardens

Today went out with mummy to do something...after that we still got some times, then we go MV to shop for a while...
I went to find Makiyo again... coz mummy din saw her quite a long time...
Then we went to Lewre The Gardens coz i have 3 x RM300 vouchers... but, when we went there... we not go in coz we know the price of the shoes are so EXPENSIVE :(

Next, we are hungry... We went to LG to have our lunch. The foods there quite delicious... but expensive a bit lor...

Full jor... then we went La Senza. There is a chinese sales girl serving us... i don't like her attitude coz i feel like she look down on me and mummy. That day i wear a t-shirt, jeans and hign heel... maybe is my t-shirt, so she think i'm poor gua... When we pick up some panty or bra, we take this, she arrange this quickly...somemore she dun let us to take it up. She say :" miss, what u want? which size u want? we take for u. Don't mess up the arrangement..." WTH... Then, she say today got company people come and spot check them wor... "HEY, if company spot check you, sure you need to treat your customer nicely lar... " If I wanna fool her, i think i will say that i'm the management and spot check her... hehe
Then hor, she saw mummy take so many things to try, I feel like she dun want let us to try so many things ... she ask us got member card or not. I told her i've been member b4 edi and i also bought many things there. Finally she change her attitude and treat us very well in a second.
After that, we are still confusing to buy which panties.... Suddenly, the sales girl pull her jeans and show us her panty, and say the panty that she wear very comfortable.... ask us to believe her and buy it... Keep on showing her panty for us for few times...Sweat ler... Phew~
I went La Senza for many times edi, but this is the 1st time i feel so uncomfortable inside. just because of the attitude of the sales girl. I hope that i can complain to the company...but i forgot to ask her name... Haiz... Actually I like to shop in the La Senza The Gardens one.... but now because of the sales girl.... feel like not going there edi.


Chee How said...

鼎太丰food very nice right ?!?
I noe it nice......but never try b4, 1 2 try it......

Leafleaf said...

next time i bring u there... but u pay for me lur... hehe