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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Career & Training Fair @ MV

Today, we went to Career Fair at MV after with Xiu Hua after benny's class. We met H.San there coz me n xiu hua still need to do our resume n print it out.. After printed our resume, we rush to the fair ... there are traffic jam outsite of the MV ler... I queue for so long... finally i found a parking... hehe so lucky ^^

Wow.. there are lots of people there... quite peak...In the fair, i just applied for few jobs but i didn't pass up my resume to them. coz some of the jobs are not really that i wanted. so i think i still to think about it first. me and xiu hua just walk around 1 and the half hours, then we all feel tired already coz yesterday din sleep well to prepare our presentation. and our legs was so pain :P

Finally, we found the way out and go to the Biotherm booth at the concourse level to take some free samples. then we also do a face scan. My moisture level on my face was only 31% which is extreamely not enuf water... hehe... i knew that. then the conclusion was my healthy skin grow 72%, and biological grow was 84%.... i think that it's not really accurate... coz b4 the scanning, i use a tissue to wipe the oil on my face because of the make up so that the oil on my face was only 46%. xiu hua didn't wipe the oil on her face then she get around 80% of oil on her face. Aiyor... impossible her face got so many oil mar... she's not the oily skin type. i think the result is because of the make up ler...

Lastly we went to Dragon-i to have our dinner and then back home to sleep. tak boleh tahan... hehe

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