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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

30/03/08 - Taiping Lang, Sakae Sushi, Lollipop

Waiting for lun to fetch me for dinner... we wanna go to the 太平人restaurant to have our dinner.... but when we reached there, it was full... there are lots of people waiting there ler. I was so hungry then we go to pyramid lor...

full house edi

we ate Sakae sushi coz I tried b4 and i really like japanese food ler.. lun don't want to go but then i pulled lun into that reataurant. We ordered a lot of sushi to eat..I'm so hungry and not bother...just take wat i want to eat.. hehe..Of course we ate very full... haha...

Delicious sushi


Joyce n Lun

curry chicken rice

delicious food

then we went to pasar malam at kepong there. I bought a cute lollipop phone string. so it so much..

Nice ler... wahaha

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Chee How said...

Lun so cham.......giv ppl force pull into the shop......god bless LUN !!! hahaha