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Saturday, February 2, 2008

02/02/08 - Makiyo B'day & Kung Fu Dunk Gala Premier

Yippee ~ Today is Makiyo birthday…Sent a birthday message to her early in the morning and also gave her present yesterday edi. So sorry that I din celebrate b’day with her ^^
Today went to 1U to watch Jay’s Kung Fu Dunk Movie Premier. I suppose have 2 tickets only, but suddenly have 6 tickets extra…total up are 8 tickets. Then I watch with lun, Zhong, Tong, Ronald, Sophia, my brother n his gf.
Me n lun reached there early around 3pm coz I scared there have no parking. Luckily we found 1 parking very fast. Phew… Coz I hate to find parking n my luck was not very good. Hehe.. after we reach there, we went to apply one card, topshop, and bought a cotton jacket from Zara - lun sponsored me…. Hehe.. Oh ya, we also watched the lion dance. There was so nice performance.

After that we went to Popular to find a book but we can’t found it. While waiting our frens, we felt tired n lun bring me go to Yippee Cup to have a Honey Peach Buble Tea and French Toast Peanut Butter. Taste not bad there. Zhong n Tong came there and ordered Yam Bubble Tea.

Later on we went to meet my brother and Ronald. We went to buffet after having the entry pass n take the doorgifts. I just ate a little coz I’m full edi. We saw 颜微恩 there. She the emcee of that night. We went into the hall around 9pm. 颜微恩 also go into the hall and play some games with us with giving out some goodies. Sophia n Tong got the goodies after answered her question. So lucky they are. After giving out the goodies, JAY 周杰伦 come into our hall with 陈楚河 n 导演朱延平 to talk abt the movie and also wish us Happy Chinese New Year~ So excited man! I wanna take their photo but I sit too far from them. So I just can hear their voice. Keke…Not bad lar. ^^ but I still prefer I can got his photo… :p

After the movie, me n lun went to SS2 GreenLand Cafe to drink Hot Chocolate and Wild Mushroom Soup. Then lun fetch me home coz we are so tired edi.

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