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Sunday, March 23, 2008

STYLO KL Fashion Week 15th - 21st

One day, Marketing lecturer told us that INTI have take part in STYLO KL Fashion Week and he asked us to join for the part time job. he told us that our college will pay RM5 per hour and we will given a certificate after the event. So me, Nicole, Jolyn, Xiu Hua n Jocelyn were hurry to register our name. Hehe.. we are attracted because it is a fashion show... we like fashion n we assume that we just do some simple work over there...

We went for the briefing at Pavilion on 12th. We reached there around 12:30pm and we went to 代官山 to have our lunch. There was so nice...nice atmosphere, nice food...we ordered a lot of foods there.....yummy yummy..hehe

delicious ler
After that, we went to the Bintang Circle concourse area to find the person in charged in was so blur... coz we don't know who and where to meet in then we just shopped around ..after a while we saw a crowded of people... then we hurry ran over there lor... then we get seperate in few groups...I have grouped in project management team.

Me n San b4 the briefing

This was my 1st time to work in backstage on the event show. I’m so excited to be a part of STYLO!! My team leader - Claudia, she’s very nice person and I love to work with her. Our job includes ushering the guests. Besides, we also do in gift packing and other misc job. Although it was tired, but I have learnt a lot of what and how do we prepare the stuffs b4 the shows begin, some paper work n bla bla bla… It’s really fun.
The fashion show started at 8:45pm and ended after 1 hour. After the show, the guests went to a party area which called Red Room. There was a nice place to have party and it was just like the place to clubbing. The red room will renovate everyday according to the topic of the fashion show.

The 1st day decoration

Last day decoration

Gift packing job

In the party, they served Heineken, Martell, wines, Hilton hotel & Lecka Lecka foods for the guests.
I worked intil 21st March only… really tired, but happy working over there. I miss all the stylo’s backstage people - claudia, aunty li ann, fen, katie, joshua, janice, eline, caroline, sa yung, emilia, ken wei, tayne, joanne, irene, kiran, nigel, alex n the 6 inti guys that i met them once … some of them i forgotten their name edi.. sorry~ and many other friends… All the best to you all~

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