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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

04/03/2008 - Presentation n Movie Premier

Today got Marketing Communication presentation…so we all go to college and prepare it early. This presentation was not stress coz there are only 2 groups and the lecturer also friendly…hehe.. I didn’t do many prepare for the presentation… just think it on the spot and read follow the power point.
After the presentation, we take picture with our lecturer - Mr. Dennis Choo…

Daryl, Xiu Hua, Jocelyn, Vivian, Mr.Dennis Choo, San, Me & Nicole

After class, i went to xiu hua house to remove my make up and prepare to GSC Pavilion to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd Movie Premier which sponsored by Cornell. Thanks Cornell… I have a chance to see so many actrors and actress there. i’m so happy coz there are 3 actors are looking at me n Nicole.. they let us have a nice capture on them. Koe Yeet smile sweetly, KK Wong act cutie & Daniel Tan act handsome n friendly.. haha… OMG…me n Nicole so happy and crazy on Daniel Tan~


Luckily I got bring camera and we stand in front of the 1st roll~ Yeah Yeah Yeah…
The movie quite nice… funny… I will buy the original dvd soon~
After the movie… we go out and take some nice nice photo … We met Ms.Koe Yeet outside of ESPRIT shop… we hurry go and ask her to take photo with us… hehe… She’s so nice… somemore she ask all of us to take photo with her. hehe… So nice, friendly n preety.

Daryl, Jolyn, Nicole, Ms.Koe Yeet, me, Vivian n Xiu Hua.
Happy happy day….

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