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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Dunno wat happen today, my stomach keep on pain and not feeling well. Luckily until late afternoon then I felt better after having medicine. Then back home sleep and waiting lun to fetch me go to watch movie together with friends. WARLORDS - This movie not bad. For me... I seldom watch this type of movie but it's really not bad for guys. I just go inside and see Takeshi.. Hehe.. Lengzai mar...

When we watching movie, beside me got a guy din switch on his phone to silent mode. His phone rang for many times already... so disturb ler... Dunno that it will disturbing others ppl. No manners...Aih.. Hate ~ Hope that everyone swith their phone to silent mode when they watching movie lar...

Quite busy currently... After finished work at aunty shop but need to start to do my assignment on Monday already >_< Feel a bit lazy and scare I can't finished my assignment on time... Must gambateh !!!

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