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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


These few nights always dreaming. Dunno why sleep 8 hours but still feel like din slept before... coz all the time I'm dreaming and the dreams was so ' KEK SHUI ' = not match in my real life. And I also dunno wat dreams of that. Aiks...not sweet dreams too, makes me have serious dark circle these few days ad yawning eneryday. Haih ~

Still left 4 days to work at aunty shop. Quite boring over there coz there DUN HAVE internet, delicious foods(maube I'm choosy lar), entertainment and low coverage of maxis line. the most important there DUN HAVE internet andown toilet lor... Need to go upstairs to use the landlord's toilet. So mafan~
Sometimes dunno wat to do over there: bring my assignment to do - dun have internet to search info, and there also can't concentrate to do my study - quite noisy ler.. Finally, my major work over there are selling the products, do some paperwork only. other time, I can read magazines, newspaper and call to chit-chat with friends. Keke ^^

My princess din come to shop with me today . She got tuition at uncle shop. Therefore, I feel quite lonely today. Normally we will talk nonsence and crap together. Miss her so much ler.. (Yer.. Vomiting)

These few days always raining, luckily today I still got sell something. Yesterday, there are workers from SYSBAS do some piping work. Unfortunately, it getting worse today coz I keep on heard the noisy 'Ping Ping' & 'Pang Pang' sound this whole day. OMG!!! Luckily they have finished their work after I closed the shop. Pheww... Sweat ler.

After back home, finally I saw my brother but he was sleeping. I already din saw my brother since the 2nd day of PC Fair until tonite. (3 days liao lor..) When I back home, he's working; When he back home, I'm sleeping; When I wake up, He's in college. Wat the hell of our living style ?!!? Already upside-down~ Hehe...sounds like playing hide and seek >_<>

Gosh... It's 2.07am... tomolo need to wake up early to work...If not, kena SHOOT by aunty~
Sweet dreams for all of u and ME lar...

Description: aunty = I punya mom
uncle = I punya father
princess = I punya sister
shoot = kena scold


goblin said...




hey...take more rest lar...
life is not WORKING onli...

[}{!!kellx!!}{] said...

so touch ler..
thn suddenly say vomit..
miss me is a difficult wrk mer?

always say no comment no cooment..
gv u nw lur..

ur blog ar..
so many wrong spelling lar..
go double check nez time!
so bad lar me~

take care lur,