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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

23/07/10 - Gathering with college friends

Going to meet Eric and Shins after work....

We went to Salmon Steak to have our dinner ~

My Jumbo Watermelon Juice with less ice and less sugar :)


My Fish Chop~

Shins and Eric's Cabonara Spaghetti

We eat, drink, chat..... long time didn't gathering already.... talk a lot~

Planning for our trip end next 3 months......

Singapore? HK? Australia?

Hmm.... still now sure yet... but HK should be our 1st choice... maybe...

Need to wait for the MATTA or MAS fair next 1 or 2 months and see whether the tickets will cheaper or not... :)

Hope that we can go for a trip lur...

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