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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

20/07/10 - Outing with Kellye & her friends~

Nice to meet u (Arr Chian, Yi Lin & Deong)

so happy to have dinner with u all... of course include Kellye lar...

All of u are so friendly + active ~

Hope can join u all for dinner or gai gai next time... if got chance la :)

Arr Chian, Yi Lin & Kellye

Deong & Kellye

So happy today.... because

1. Have dinner with friendly gals & guy.

2. Hubby webcam and chat with me ... lol....

Flying coz too happy now...

Sweet sweet day <3

New bunny that exchange with coupons @ Genting
showed it to hubby just now :)

CUTIE LEH?? YES~ IT'S CUTIE!!! \(^o^)/

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