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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

24/03/08 - movie movie

This month i watched 3 movies with lun... spend a lot for movies....
江山美人, Horton & The Spiderwick.

the 江山美人 was so so only... not really interesting n it just like a love story happened in war time.

then Horton was not bad... it's cute, funny and interesting story.It's meaningful..

finally... the spiderwick. b4 that, i tot the spiderwick is a boring movie... and lastly i found that this movie is nice. it's so good that if i got the intellegent brain as the guy in the movie.... but in the real life.... lun said that i only have 1/2 brain only wor.... so pity....

sorry that i don't know how to describe more about the movie.... coz i just have half brain ~ hehe

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