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Monday, May 25, 2009

24/05/09 - Celebrate Hubby's Gradma B'day & Ikano

Hubby asked me to go his house... coz he sleep late liao... we need to rush to buy present for hubby's grandma's b'day party...

In hubby's big uncle house's door... hubby took a pic behind the door...

Special right??

After the dinner, hubby fetch me to Ikano Power Centre... we headed to Popular Bookstore coz we wanna fine a book "100 places must go in our life"... but we can't found it.... the person in charged told us that the book already sold out and need to order and wait for 1 months like that wor...s o hubby din ordered it.. ^^ 

Then, we wanna go back liao... hubby saw Yogurt Ice Cream.... So he bought 1 for me and share with him ^^

Very Colourful And Nice leh...

I'm still not full yet... hubby fetch me to Honeymoon nearby his office there..... 

Durian Pancake..

Beauty drinks ^^

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